Reference Rates

Augur reference rate tracks the Augur v1 token


The divergence in prices between Augur v1 and Augur v2 in major markets has diminished. Our reference rate for Augur closely matches all major markets.


Augur launched Augur v2 in July 2020. Exchanges handled this in inconsistent ways. Most exchanges handled this upgrade for users by migrating users tokens automatically and keeping the existing Augur ticker symbol of REP. Some exchanges simultaneously support both Augur v1 (under ticker symbol REP) and Augur v2 (under ticker symbol REPV2). Some exchanges have stated that they will support Augur v2 but have not migrated users tokens and are currently still trading the Augur v1 token under ticker symbol REP. Historically, prices for Augur v1 and Augur v2 have tracked very closely because they are exchangeable for each other in a 1:1 ratio. There is now a spread between Augur v1 prices and Augur v2 prices of approximately 10 percent. Coin Metrics’ reference rate is designed to track the price for Augur v1, not Augur v2.