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FTX International / FTX US Trades Issue


The candles and volume metrics historical recalculation is complete. The impacted date range for the data is 2022-01-11 T00:00 to 2022-01-12 T00:00. If necessary, users can now backfill the correct data via out HTTP API.


Our team discovered a data error, where we estimate that approximately 5,000 trades were labeled as FTX International trades, when they were actually trades from FTX US. This accounted for roughly 4% of FTX International’s trades in the following 1.5 hour window: 2022-01-11T00:00 - 2022-01-11T01:30 UTC.

As such, there were roughly 5,000 extra trades marked as FTX International trades, which means that the same number of trades were missing from our FTX US data. The corrected trades backfill was just completed on 2022-01-28, however when removing the bad data roughly 50,000 valid trades from FTX International were mistakenly removed. Although some valid trades were removed, this accounts of 0.07% of the total number of FTX spot trades in the month of January.

If necessary, we recommend backfilling the corrected trades data via our REST API, however, spot candles and volume metrics during this window were also impacted. Recalculations for this derived data are still underway and we will update this issue when the candles + volume metrics recalculations are complete.