Network Data

Announcement: Tezos classified as experimental CM Labs asset


Tezos has recently adopted non-trivial changes to their node’s API via the Ithaca 2 upgrade. As a result, we will have to restructure how we source data from the node so that we can successfully produce metrics for this asset. Tezos’s next proposed update, Jakarta, will soon introduce experimental scalability features that may impact uptime. For this reason, we have decided to classify XTZ as an experimental asset supported by CM Labs until we are fully comfortable with the quality and reliability of the data.
We announced CM Labs in our Network Data Pro 5.0 Release, and it was launched as an experimental initiative to enable us to support more cutting edge blockchains with a faster release turnaround. Assets with the “CM Labs” designation tend to have more fragile nodes, which means metric availability and service uptime can be impacted without prior notice. While we obviously feel there is value in making these experimental assets/metrics available, please understand the data quality and reliability may be less optimal than it is for more established assets.