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Migration of LUNA and UST data in progress


Coin Metrics has decided to continue to use ticker luna for Terra Classic and luna2 for Terra 2.0. Trades, candles and metrics going forward use this convention. Trade history has been corrected. Cleansing dependent historical candles and metrics will be performed as time permits in the future.


Exchanges are in the process of supporting the migration from Terra Classic to the new Terra 2.0 chain and supporting the new Terra airdrop. Coin Metrics is studying whether an industry-wide convention will emerge regarding ticker names and will make a decision on how our tickers will evolve after our study is complete. In the meantime, the tickers are not harmonized and Coin Metrics tickers LUNA or UST and any related markets, can refer to either Terra Classic or Terra depending on the exchange’s convention. This has impact on candles, volume metrics, exchange volume metrics and exchange-luna + exchange-ust pair metrics. In further updates, we will explain how we will modify our tickers and any changes to our data that may result from the ticker change.