Network Data

Zcash inaccuracies in market cap, supply and fees metrics


Metrics for Zcash are now recalculated and include updated figures to accurately represent supply in shielded pools.


Additionally, in handling the hardfork, we discovered incorrect values for shielded pools, which has also impacted our market cap and realized cap metrics.

We are working on a fix, when it is complete we will perform a historical recalculation of the data.


Zcash’s recent major network upgrade, NU5, introduced a new protocol for shielded transactions creating a new shielded pool, Orchard ( and transaction type to support it ( Our team is working to include these transactions to existing supply and fee metrics for now this may lead to some inaccuracies of the Coin Metrics’ Shielded Supply (SplyShld) and Current Supply (SplyCur) metrics. Additionally, with this new transaction format our Total Fees (FeeTotNtv) metric may also be impacted. Once we finish the integration of Orchard, we will recalculate these metrics to reflect this new type of activity.

Shielded Supply Metric for ZEC is made up of the current supply inside the existing Sprout and Sapling shielded pools. This is derived by monitoring transactions that we see with inputs and outputs addresses to these two pools.