Data Processing

Downloadable files for Community Network Data missing updates.


Community files are updating as expected.


Further investigation shows more assets were affected than those initially listed. In addition some files that did have some updates on 08/06 had the CapMrktEstUSD field value missing. We will looking into this problem and its correction further.


The downloadable files for Community Network Data were not all updated on 2022-08-06.
The following assets were not updated: trb, tribe, tru, trx, tryb, tusd, tvk, twt, uma, unfi, uni, usdc, usdk, usdp, usdt, usdt_eth, usdt_omni, usdt_trx, ust, utk, vgx, vsys, vtc, vtho, waxp, wbtc, weth, wncg, wnxm, woo, wrx, wtc, xaut, xdc, xec, xem, xlm, xmr, xrp, xtz, xvg, xvs, xym, xyo, yfi, yfii, ygg, zec, zen, zks, zrx.

We are investigating the problem and will update this issue as we learn more.