Network Data

Stellar Lumens XLM - Network data metric inaccuracies


All previously affected products are now producing correct metrics.


Currently experiencing issues. The following metrics are are incorrect, AdrBal1in100KCnt, AdrBal1in100MCnt, CapAct1yrUSD, CapMrktCurUSD, CapMrktFFUSD, NVTAdj, NVTAdj90, NVTAdjFF, NVTAdjFF90, RVTAdj, RVTAdj90, SER, SplyAct10yr, SplyAct180d, SplyAct1d, SplyFF, SplyCur, VelActAdj1yr, VelCur1yr, VelAct1yr, VelAct1yr, SplyRes, SplyLost, SplyFound, SplyExpFut10yrCMBI, SplyExpFut10yr. The source of the issue is being investigated.