Data Ingestion

Liquid Exchange Data Outage


Coin Metrics has decided to resolve this issue because Liquid exchange has not posted any updates in the last 30 days. Considering the circumstances, we assume Liquid will not be resuming any trade activity in the near future. We will, however, post a status if this changes.

Problem identifiziert has issued the following message on their website:

“Dear Customers,
We have just been instructed by S&C, who act for FTX Trading, to pause all forms of trading on our exchange because of the operation of the Chapter 11 process in the Delaware Courts.
We have since done so while we assess the situation. We are working through these issues and will endeavor to give a fuller update in due course”


Liquid exchange has not been sending data since 9:36 UTC. As such, Coin Metrics is unable to retrieve any data from this exchange.
We will post any updates as we have them.