Resolving Ticker Collision for zkSync (zk) and Polyhedra Network (zkj)
Incident Report for Coin Metrics
Coin Metrics will assign the ticker "zk" to zkSync and "zkj" to Polyhedra Network in accordance with widespread industry conventions.

In instances where a given asset shares the same ticker, Coin Metrics will resolve the ticker conflict by assigning a unique Coin Metrics ticker for each asset in our coverage universe. When resolving a ticker conflict, we will ensure that each asset has a unique ticker by appending the full name to the ticker to one of the assets. For example, if two assets share the ticker xyz, Coin Metrics will resolve the ticker conflict by appending the full name to one of the assets' ticker, such as xyz_fullname.

Coin Metrics asset ticker naming principles state that if both assets are not in the our active reference rates universe, the asset with a greater market capitalization will adopt the ticker without full name appended like xyz. If one of the assets is in our active reference rates universe, that asset will adopt the ticker without full name appended like xyz. In rare circumstances, when a widely-held industry convention emerges for a major asset, Coin Metrics may make an exception to these principles to adhere to the widely-held industry convention. Coin Metrics aims to minimize breaking changes while also following widely-held industry conventions.

In this case, the asset Polyhedra Network previously was assigned to the ticker "zk" and was a part of our active reference rates coverage universe. However, zkSync has recently adopted this ticker, and Polyhedra Network has changed their ticker from "zk" to "zkj". As of this writing, all major exchanges have adopted the convention of assigning zkSync to "zk" and Polyhedra Network to "zkj". Coin Metrics has matched this convention.

During this transition period, historical data for the ticker "zk" prior to the date at which centralized exchanges changed their ticker for Polyhedra Network from "zk" to "zkj" will still refer to Polyhedra Network. Data for the ticker "zk" after the date of the ticker change will refer to zkSync. Coin Metrics will migrate the historical data so that data for each asset is assigned to the correct ticker, and a future status will be released when the data migration is complete.
Posted Jun 18, 2024 - 13:40 UTC
This incident affected: Services (Pro API v4).